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We look after...


The Plan.

Pulling together your money, your circumstances, what you want from life and showing you how to get there using lifetime cashflow planning software.


The Portfolio.

Making sure that your overall portfolio is tax efficient, cost effective, flexible and invested appropriately so that it properly powers the plan.

The People.

Helping you navigate your options, avoid expensive mistakes, evolve your plan over time and live a fulfilled life free from regrets.

Our Process.


1. Discovery

This stage normally starts with a call to learn a bit more about each other. We will then organise a discovery meeting with you to talk through in detail your circumstances, your priorities, your concerns and what you want out of life. During this meeting we will begin putting together a bespoke cashflow plan for you. You will leave this meeting knowing how we can help you, how much our services cost and what the next steps are.

Following this meeting, if you confirm that you would like to proceed, we will begin the plan creation stage.

The cost of this stage is:


We don't believe that you should have to pay anything to find out whether we are the right Financial Planner for you. 


2. Creation

This stage involves us carrying out a full review your current finances and creating and presenting our recommendations to you.

During creation, you will receive your completely personalised Molveno Life Plan. This plan includes a visual map of your current position, a comprehensive cashflow forecast projecting your financial future and a scorecard showing your progress against what you want to achieve.

Once we have talked through our recommendations with you and answered any questions, if you would like to proceed, we will begin the implementation stage.

The cost of this stage is:


This means that if you want a review of your finances and professional advice but wish to proceed without our help, you can do so. 


3. Implementation

This stage is about putting the plan into action.

It may involve setting up regular investments or pension contributions, investing a cash lump sum, transferring your existing investments or pension arrangements. It could also involve setting up insurances to protect you and your family in the event of death, illness or injury.

We will take you through the set up process, minimise paperwork and will help you move money securely between accounts. Once everything is organised we will arrange online access for you and will update your Molveno Life Plan to reflect the new arrangements.

Education Planning

The cost of this stage is:

Low Complexity: 
Medium Complexity:
High Complexity:     


You will know exactly which of the above fees would apply to you and why at the start of the plan creation stage. For setting up insurance, you don't pay the above but we do receive commission directly from the insurance provider.


4. Evolution

This stage is about evolving your plan over time as things change, keeping you and your investments on track. We will work as your trusted partner to help you make informed decisions and do what you want to do in life.

As well as us helping you carry out your plan and managing your portfolio, on an ongoing basis you will receive:

  • An Annual Planning Meeting.

  • Molveno Life Plan updates at least annually.

  • Unlimited adhoc meetings and calls.

  • An investment review every 6 months.

  • Online access to your portfolios.

  • Ongoing collaboration with your other advisers.

The cost of this stage is:

Per annum of the assets that we manage for you.


This means that, when third party platform and investment management charges are included, your overall ongoing 'all in' cost will generally be between 1.1% and 1.5%. For context, a study by the FCA showed that the average 'all in' ongoing cost is 1.9%. 


We also have a separate specialist proposition for people who have under £100,000 of personal assets (not including property).

This gives an alternative to the above fee structure, helps to make Financial Planning more accessible for more people and is completely optional.

This proposition is tiered dependent on what you are looking for and the complexity of your circumstances.

This starts from £55 per month. Contact us to find out more.

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